Let's share #clear ideas about Gelatin

The world knows and uses gelatin for thousands of years. At Rousselot, we clearly see why. Designed by nature, gelatin gives humanity a wide variety of uses and benefits. And while new applications are still being found, they all share one major benefit: being natural, gelatin perfectly fits the growing demand for clear label products.

Let’s share clear ideas about gelatin and reach further together.

5 key benefits of Rousselot Gelatin

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Designed by nature

Trusted delivery system

          Clear label

Optimal API performance

          Safe choice

World-class gelatin for every pharmaceutical application

Rousselot is a worldwide leader in pharmaceutical gelatins. Because of its unique properties, gelatin has been used for years in various pharmaceutical products, from the more popular oral forms – such as hard capsulessoft gels, and tablets, – to more specialty pharma applications, for instance as a plasma substitute, in vaccines and in regenerative medicine products.