Rousselot World-Class Gelatins for Specialty Pharma

Plasma volume replacers

Colloids for blood plasma are used to expand the circulating blood volume and improve oxygen delivery for patients in emergency situations. Our high-purity gelatins offer excellent selected molecular weight distribution and stringent quality control and are designed to meet the most stringent requirements.

Colostomy bag

Used in association with other polymers, such as CMC or pectin, our gelatin forms an adhesive ring with which colostomy bags can be fixed in order to absorb residual moisture from the skin.


Gelatin-based hemostatics are available in various forms (sheets, powder and syringe). Rousselot Gelatins are a perfect fit for this application because of their antigenic properties, foaming capabilities and pH neutrality.


Gelatin is often used in vaccines as a stabilizer. Rousselot Pharmaceutical gelatins for specialty pharma fulfill the most stringent requirements in this field.

Biomaterials and medical devices

Due to its excellent biocompatibility, gelatin is an excellent polymer and is used in a growing number of medical applications as regenerative medicine products.

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