What is clear label?

Natural is a desirable attribute for consumers. In 2016, Innova Market Insights released its Top 10 food and beverage trends list for 2017, and clean label was the No. 1 one.

Following the natural trend, consumers are becoming less interested in ‘processed’ products and are now looking to clean label, progressing to clear label. This is reflected in the number of new food and beverage product launches that are clean label. Clean label is a non-regulated term, but is known for containing recognizable ingredients, the absence of artificial or chemical ingredients, and the addition of sustainable and naturally sourced ingredients

                                                   Global double digital growth in clean label-related NPD.
                                              Top Ten Trends for 2017, by Innova Market Insights, Nov. 2016.

Gelatin is clear label

Designed by nature, Gelatin is a food ingredient with no e-number. Highly versatile, it is often used to replace several mono-functional hydrocolloids in a single application. No other ingredient exhibits as many functionalities as gelatin, which makes it an unrivalled asset to formulation design and to shorter ingredient lists.