Gelatin production process


"Everybody knows gelatin.
But do you know how gelatin is produced?"

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A complex, multi-stage process

Rousselot® Gelatins are obtained through partial hydrolysis of the collagen contained in the raw material from natural origin, mainly pig skins, bovine hides and bovine bones.
During the process the naturally insoluble collagen will be processed into gelatin, soluble in warm water. To reach this objective a complex, in-depth controlled multi-stage process, has to be performed.

Testing, control and traceability

The consistently high product quality for which our customers trust us is partially determined by our careful selection of our raw materials and their suppliers and our emphasis on swift collection and transport. All of our raw materials undergo strict testing and control to ensure maximum quality, safety and traceability. At Rousselot, we can trace the raw materials as swell as the process conditions of any and every lot.

At Rousselot, we use two processes for manufacturing gelatin: alkaline or acid. The steps are described in the figure below