X-Pure®: the first complete range of low-endotoxin gelatins and collagens

Developed by Rousselot, the global leader in the production of pharmaceutical gelatins, X-Pure represents a comprehensive assortment of intensely purified gelatins and collagens for biomedical applications. With ultra-low impurity levels, X-Pure offers unrivalled safety levels and exciting possibilities in research & development.

The X-Pure range of products therefore meets the strict requirements for quality, consistency, and documentation compliant with global regulatory bodies.

The many physical forms of collagen

Collagen is the main structural protein in the extracellular matrix (ECM) in the animal’s various connective tissues. To a large extent, the biological compatibility between cells and the collagen within the ECM is retained, even for collagens that have lost their non-helical extremities (atelocollagen) or for collagens that have been denatured and hydrolyzed into smaller fragments towards gelatin, gelling and non-gelling grades.

Rousselot® X-Pure® Portfolio

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