Proud sponsor of La Liga home matches of Girona FC

Are you a fan of Spain’s top professional football division, La Liga? Here at Peptan we are – and we’re proud to announce that will be sponsoring all La Liga home matches of Girona FC throughout the entire 2017 season. 

During each match, over 13,500 football fans will see Peptan displayed on digital billboards. As one of the most recognized collagen peptides brands in Spain, we’re excited to be contributing to sports enjoyment and the health and wellness of spectators in this way. 

Peptan is a bioactive protein well suited for sportspeople. With a unique amino acid profile, Peptan offers multiple benefits linked to athletic performance, muscles and connective tissue support. This makes Peptan a great ingredient for sports nutrition products.

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Peptan is a "Partner Empresarial" of FC Girona.

Image in this article is extracted from LaLiga Santander.

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