Rousselot leads on innovation at CPhI with state of the art gelatins for bio medical applications and powerful nutraceutical joint health collagen ingredients

Son, Netherlands – 23 August 2018 - Rousselot®, leading global producer of gelatin and collagen peptides , focuses on highlighting its unrivalled portfolio of premium gelatins for advanced pharma and biomedical applications at this year’s CPhI Worldwide. At bioLIVE stand #12B13, Rousselot will present its medical grade gelatin range, X-Pure®, with outstanding levels of purity for in-body applications. Rousselot will be running a number of expert-led talks throughout the show, where attendees can expand their knowledge on the effects of endotoxin. From its nutraceutical product portfolio, Rousselot will present its recently launched Peptan® IIm, a hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix that specifically targets joint health at a lunch brief and partnering sessions in a dedicated meeting space.

Rousselot X-Pure for regenerative medicine applications: a unique and global range of purified gelatins

At its booth at the CPhI’s bioLIVE area, Rousselot will introduce its low-endotoxin X-Pure range for the first time to the European market. Advanced gelatins with low endotoxin levels are needed for demanding medical applications including haemostatic medical devices, parenteral formulations and regenerative medicine applications. With endotoxin levels below 100, 20 or 10 Endotoxin Units per gram (EU/g) or even below LAL analysis detection limits2, the X-Pure range offers unrivalled levels of safety for all these in-body medical applications.

For regenerative medicine, in particular, Rousselot has developed five X-Pure gelatins to exactly match the needs of diverse final medical applications. These five gelatin grades come with different viscosities, gel strengths and endotoxin levels and bring significant technical advantages for cell growth or cell transportation, tissue engineering or 3D printing for example.

On the first day of the exhibition, Jos Olijve, Principal Scientist and R&D Project Manager at Rousselot, will provide a detailed insight at his free-to-access seminar entitled ‘Endotoxin-Purified Gelatin for Sensitive In-Body and Regenerative Medicine Applications’ on 9th October at 15:30 at the bioLIVE Insights Theatre. The presentation will give an overview of the current and potential uses of gelatin in (bio)medical applications and provides examples of the importance of using gelatins with low endotoxin levels.

On the second day, delegates can also register for a lunch briefing about ‘The Importance of Gelatin and its Endotoxin Level for Applications in Regenerative Medicine’ – presented by Prof. Sander Leewenburgh from Radboud University and Marit van der Heijden – Global Marketing Manager at Rousselot – on 10th October at 12:30 at the Content Dome on the show floor.

Peptan IIm: bringing joint health a step closer

Peptan IIm is a natural extract containing the matrix elements similar as found in human cartilage: hydrolyzed collagen type II and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) – in one single ingredient. The bioactive joint health ingredient offers multiple benefits and is critical for sustaining healthy joints. It has demonstrated to promote the maintenance of healthy cartilage and improve joint movement by providing cushioning and lubrication as well as reducing the effects of inflammation.    

On Wednesday 10th October, delegates will have the opportunity to meet the Peptan team in a dedicated meeting room (#12.6) at the Finished Dosage Form area. Peptan experts will be available all day for one to one meetings, where attendees can discuss joint health supplements needs and find out how to capitalize on current joint health market trends with the new low dosage hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix. 

To hear more, visitors are also invited to attend a presentation on Peptan IIm at 12:00. The presentation hosted by Lisette Van Lith, Global Director at Peptan and Dr. Sara De Pelsmaeker, Product & Business Development Manager will be followed by a Spanish tapas lunch. To meet Peptan experts and/or attend the Peptan IIm lunch briefing, visitors are invited to register here.

To find out more about Rousselot’s wide range of innovative ingredients visit stand #12B13 at CPhI or visit:, and