9 mar

Rousselot®, the world leader in gelatines and collagen peptides, will be showcasing its range of bioactive Peptan® collagen peptides, proven to support bone health, at Vitafoods 2015. As a newly-announced nutrition supporter of World Osteoporosis Day, Rousselot will offer visitors the chance to discover exciting application possibilities available for the bone health and nutrition market, including gummies, tablets and drinks. Also on show will be the innovative ingredient ProTake-PTM along with a sneak preview of a new product application for the senior nutrition market.

Seminar with bone health experts

In keeping with the bone health theme at Rousselot’s stand, Mai Nygaard, Global Director for Peptan, will jointly present a seminar with Professor René Rizzoli, International Osteoporosis Foundation Board Member and bone expert from the Geneva University, entitled “Nutrition, a straight way to optimal bone health”. The seminar will be held on 5 May at 12:50hrs in the seminar theatre.

Getting to the bones of Peptan

With bone mineral density declining from the age of 40, bone health and nutrition are of growing importance to both men and women. Dietary changes like the consumption of collagen peptides can delay the onset of age-related conditions such as osteopenia, a precursor to osteoporosis. Rousselot’s range of natural Peptan collagen peptides have been proven, in many scientific studies, to support bone health. Trials have shown that Peptan significantly improves bone mineral density and reduces bone loss1. Peptan has also been recognised in supporting joint and muscle health as well as having skin health benefits. Easily digestible, Peptan can be used in varied applications, examples of which will be available to sample in Geneva. They include inventive BonePlus gummies containing 20% Peptan enriched with calcium, chewy tablets and a mobility drink.

The power of ProTake-P

Rousselot will also highlight ProTake-P, a pure protein that is easily integrated into a wide range of products for protein enrichment without impacting the taste or texture of the final product. This clean label ingredient is the ideal solution for food and drink formulators looking to boost the protein content of their products. Visitors to Rousselot’s stand can sample end products containing ProTake-P such as sports nutrition bars and an innovative hot chocolate drink developed for the burgeoning elderly nutrition market.

Sneak preview

Rousselot has also hinted at a ground-breaking new concept for senior nutrition, to be unveiled at Vitafoods. The result of a two year collaboration project, the company stated it constituted an entirely new nutrient delivery system.

For more information on the ingredients and application opportunities available to support bone health visit Rousselot on stand N36 at Vitafoods.

1. Guillerminet F. et al. 2012, Hydrolysed collagen improves bone status and prevents bone loss in ovariectomized C3H/HeN mice. Osteoporosis International 23 (7): 1909 – 1919