Increasing patient safety and facilitating new research with highly purified gelatins

Because of its natural origin and versatility, gelatin has been used in many pharmaceutical and medical products for decades. In today’s medical field, specialized gelatins are finding many new uses. As the world’s leading gelatin brand, we are at the forefront of these developments, creating some of the world’s purest gelatins in order to increase patient safety and open up new research possibilities.

Our high-purity gelatins are finding increasing use in a range of high-end biomedical applications, such as:

Hemostatic products

One of the first important biomedical applications to consider are the hemostatic devices. Because of its intrinsic properties and functionalities, gelatin is widely employed in hemostats manufacturing. A substance of natural origin, it is well tolerated by the human body and biocompatible. Gelatin hemostats are highly efficient to stop blood flow and today account for 14% of the total hemostats market.
The new Rousselot® X-Pure® range offers very low-endotoxin levels making it the ideal and trusted choice for absorbable hemostats.

Parenteral formulations

Gelatin has been a material of choice for biomedical applications such as injectables for many years. A substance of natural origin, it improves the stability and shelf-life of the injectable fills and helps protect live vaccine viruses from adverse conditions. The safety and versatility of gelatin make it ideally suited for all parenteral applications.
Part of Rousselot’s new X-Pure range, X-Pure® 10 HGP is the ideal and trusted gelatin for injectables.

Regenerative medicine, especially tissue engineering, stem cell-based therapies and the production of biomolecule delivery systems

Gelatin is a well-researched and well recognized material for regenerative medicine. As it mimics the extra-cellular-matrix closely, it is actually one of the most favorable biomaterials used in regenerative medicine research and product development today. As the world leader in the production of gelatins, Rousselot has developed an extensive range of highly purified gelatins for regenerative medicine applications.

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