Gelatin, a favored biomaterial in regenerative medicine

One of the challenges in the rapidly growing field of regenerative medicine is the production of suitable biomaterials that closely mimic the body’s own matrix. Gelatin fits this profile, offering many benefits that make it a highly favored biomaterial in this segment. Rousselot’s X-Pure gelatins add an exciting new quality offering among the lowest endotoxin levels in the world. This makes X-Pure the perfect option for most applications being developed in this promising market.

X-Pure, a comprehensive range of high-purity gelatins

X-Pure offers a comprehensive range of gelatin biomaterials for tissue engineering, stem cell-based therapies and the production of biomolecule delivery systems. 

X-Pure benefits

  • Highly purified gelatin with endotoxin levels among the lowest in the world
  • The convenience of a one-stop global shop for a full range of purified acid porcine skin and lime bovine bone gelatins suitable for regenerative medicine applications 

General gelatin benefits

  • Natural and biocompatible, blends easily with other biopolymers
  • Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) and compliant with the US, European, and Japanese Pharmacopeia
  • Non-immunogenic
  • Customizable functionalities for 3D BIO-printing (crosslinking with methacrylamide)
  • Presence of RGD cell recognition sequences (Arginine-Glycine-Aspartic acid) for integrin-mediated cell attachment (beneficial for cell adhesion)

Regenerative medicine has the potential to transform healthcare and offers hope to many patients worldwide.

Low-endotoxin gelatin can improve research outcomes and patient safety

Gelatin-based hydrogels provide favorable cell growth conditions, while gelatin-based delivery systems are well suited for the targeted release of interferon, antibiotics, siRNA, growth factors and anticancer medicine. In many regenerative medicine applications, reducing the endotoxin levels in gelatin is gaining importance. Especially in in-body applications, endotoxins can trigger unfavorable, sometimes fatal, immune responses. They have also been shown to negatively affect cell growth and to alter stem cell differentiation. X-Pure’s low-endotoxin gelatins provide the best possible purity and safety profile and can therefore significantly improve research outcomes and patient safety. 

Check the table for details on the properties of our X-Pure range for regenerative medicine.

Interested in working with highly purified gelatin biomaterial for regenerative medicine applications?