Beauty on the go with mango gummies fortified with collagen peptides and vitamins

The market for skin beauty products is hot, with ‘Beauty From Within’ solutions taking on a leading role. Consumers today are demanding more convenient and portable nutritional supplements to maintain their skin beauty. Collagen peptides such as Peptan can be easily integrated in your applications, including convenience and on-the-go concepts.

In this recipe we are blending Peptan collagen peptides, Rousselot's premium gelatin and DSM's Quali-Blend Essential 12 vitamins such as vitamins A, D, C and E to make this delicious and healthy gummies that can defy age and rejuvenate skin from the inside. These gummies are naturally colored and flavored with mango pulp.

How to create Mango Vitamin Gummies with Peptan collagen peptides

  • Dissolve (a) Rousselot 250 H and Peptan B in mango puree at 80-90°C.
  • Dissolve (c) Quali-Blend in water at room temperature.
  • Boil (b) to 125°C. Cool down to 100°C and add the gelatin solution (a).
  • Add (c) and (d) to the mass.
  • Deposit immediately in cold and dry molding starch and leave the starch trays at room temperature for 24h. 
  • After removal from the molding starch, the gummies are oiled. 
  • Final moisture content: 18%

With the multiple proven health benefits of Peptan collagen peptides, they are also be used as active ingredients in gummies and other confectioneries that are positioned for healthy aging and joint and bone health.

Discover more about the multi-beneficial and versatile Peptan collagen peptides.

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