Peptan IIm: bringing joint health a step closer

Good joint health plays a significant role in the maintenance of a physically active lifestyle and sports performance. Peptan IIm is a specialty joint health ingredient that meets consumer demand for solutions that address both the relief of joint discomfort and the prevention of joint problems. The powerful bioactive multitasker has been shown to promote healthy cartilage, enabling easy joint movement and reducing the effects of inflammation. (1) Peptan IIm contains glycosaminoglycan matrix components (GAGs) and hydrolyzed collagen type II, matrix elements similar as found in human cartilage, in one single ingredient.

The advanced ingredient is water soluble and effective at low dosage, ideal for use in capsules, tablets and a wide range of nutraceutical applications. Visitors will be able to sample cherry flavored gummies made with Rousselot’s SiMoGel™ fortified with Peptan IIm.

Peptan collagen peptides to support exercise recovery

Peptan collagen peptides are a collagen type I ingredient with a unique amino acid profile that acts as building blocks for healthy skin, muscles, bones and joints. In active nutrition, collagen peptides such as Peptan have shown to have a positive impact on maintaining healthy joints(2) and bones(3) and aiding optimal muscle recovery(4). Its specific nutritional benefits cannot be found in other protein sources, which makes the highly bioactive ingredient a great complementary supplement for sports nutrition performance products.

As official sponsor of the ‘Nutritional Strategies for Exercise Recovery’ workshop, which will be available to visitors that register on Thursday 8th November at 14:00 at the North Convention Center, Rousselot will reveal a newly-released clinical study that demonstrates how Peptan collagen peptides can aid faster recovery from exercise. During the session, workshop participants will receive an expert whitepaper on sports recovery and further information on the Peptan portfolio.

Boosting protein levels & innovating with ProTake B

Rousselot’s bestseller hydrolyzed gelatin, ProTake B, is of bovine origin and contains 90 percent pure protein. The natural ingredient is neutral in taste and odor and allows sports nutrition manufacturers to achieve higher levels of protein and/or reformulate products, ranging from protein bars and powders for fortified beverages, with less fat and sugar. The demand for high-protein foods to support a healthy, active lifestyle is high, and visitors will be able to sample a protein drink made with ProTake B and experience how easy it is to add value to food products in a simple way.

Throughout the show, Rousselot and Peptan experts will be available to provide advice on how latest gelatin and collagen innovations can provide endless opportunities when formulating supplements to address key market trends. To find out more about Rousselot’s wide range of innovative ingredients visit booth #1643 at SupplySide West or visit: and    

(1) Soniwala, S. et al., 2018, Oral Hydrolyzed Type 2 Collagen Protects Against the OA of Obesity and Mitigates Obese Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis. Poster presentation at ORS 2018 and OARSI 2018

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