Full responsibility

Our customers can be certain we take full responsibility for our actions. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, whether it be in terms of our commitment to respect the environment, or through the integrity and transparency we show you.

Respect the environment

Environmental protection has always played a major part in Rousselot’s industrial development. We invest heavily to ensure that our growing activities worldwide are carried out with due respect for the environment. This is reflected in our management of energy resources, our protection of water and air and our waste recycling programs. 

Energy savings

Our production processes are constantly revised and optimized in order to reduce energy consumption. At Rousselot, we have set ourselves ambitious reduction targets.

  • Some of our plants are co-fueled by sustainable energy resources, such as wood chips or biomass from sugar cane in Brazil, or sludge in China.
  • All new technologies at Rousselot are scrutinized for their sustainability performance and implemented in such a way that they will contribute to the best possible output with the lowest use of resources. 

Rational water consumption

All of the wastewater produced at our facilities is treated in major treatment plants using state-of-the-art physical and biological technologies. We also work hard to save as much water as possible by means of strict water consumption monitoring. We are implementing water recycling schemes progressively at all Rousselot plants. 

Integrity and transparency

Acting with integrity and being transparent in all we do are so important to us, we have made promises about them. We’re convinced that our belief in values like these and our commitment to living by them is what makes our concepts succeed and enables our customers to trust us.

Healthier people

At Rousselot, we aim to help consumers become healthier people. By using natural products of animal origin, we offer the markets we serve ingredients that are traceable and manufactured in accordance with strictly controlled and monitored safety procedures. Our pure protein solutions offer unique health benefits and as such answer to the growing trends towards increased protein intake and healthier lifestyles. Being multifunctional, our ingredients are playing a unique role in enabling manufacturers to reformulate their products, using less fat and sugar – and thus offering fewer – while raising proteins levels. 

Rousselot is proud to be part of a broader movement towards an economically and ecologically more sustainable world. Together with the other brands operated by Darling Ingredients, we are pioneers in closing the loops between what was and what can be. At Darling Ingredients, we believe that genuine success lies in how we contribute to creating a more sustainable world.

Caring for animal welfare

At Rousselot, we only source from suppliers that comply with all applicable regulations and respect the industry norms. We use animal-origin raw materials sourced from authorized establishments producing meat or fish intended for human consumption and inspected by veterinarians. We consider that animals should be treated with respect and that we also have a role to play, in the improvement of farm animal welfare, globally.

Rousselot strongly supports the implementation and strict enforcement of all animal welfare legislation worldwide. Since 2018, our company has been actively working on the subject together with the Gelatin Manufacturers of Europe association (GME). Rousselot is an active member of the GME working group aimed at improving animal welfare standards based on the Five Freedoms of the World Organization for Animal Health.