Regenerative medicine: transforming healthcare and giving hope to patients

Regenerative medicine has the potential to transform healthcare and offers hope to many patients worldwide. Many new technologies are currently being developed to repair or regenerate injured or diseased tissues and organs, or to aid in the development of new, targeted therapies. They all rely on safe, biocompatible materials, for example, as a scaffold for cells. Producing suitable biomaterials that closely mimic the body’s own matrix is still a challenge in this rapidly growing field. Gelatin and collagen offer many benefits that make them highly favored biomaterials in this segment. Rousselot’s X-Pure® range adds an exciting new quality: exceptional purity, meaning endotoxin levels that are among the lowest in the world.

Exciting developments in regenerative medicine:

Reducing endotoxins is gaining importance in this segment

Gelatin-based hydrogels provide favorable cell growth conditions, while gelatin-based delivery systems are well suited for the targeted release of various biomolecules and drugs or API’s. In many regenerative medicine applications, reducing the endotoxin levels in gelatin is gaining importance. Especially in in-body applications, endotoxins can trigger unfavorable, sometimes fatal, immune responses. They have also been shown to negatively affect cell growth and to alter stem cell differentiation.

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Improving patient safety and research outcomes with X-Pure

X-Pure’s low-endotoxin gelatins and collagens provide the highest possible purity and safety profile and can therefore significantly improve research outcomes and patient’s safety.

  • Highly purified gelatin with endotoxin levels among the lowest in the world
  • The convenience of a one-stop global shop for a full range of purified acid porcine skin (type A) and lime bovine bone (type B) gelatins suitable for regenerative medicine applications

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Working with an extensive network of research partners.

Antleron & Rousselot Biomedical proudly work together to advance personalized therapies in the field of regenerative medicine

Antleron’s mission is to translate core technologies into pioneering workflows that turn cells into living therapies to eventually speed up personalized therapies in the field of regenerative medicine. The collaboration between Antleron and Rousselot is a unique endeavour between two synergistic companies that put quality first in the development process. This shared vision will help to further expand the growth potential of Rousselot’s X-pure product line in the regenerative medicine field.

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