Wound healing, one of our world’s greatest healthcare challenges

Wound healing provides one of the greatest challenges in healthcare today. Chronic wound care costs are higher than those for asthma, dementia or obesity (Institute for Pressure Injury Prevention, 2017) while diabetic wounds also often lead to long term care with complications and even amputations and they represent a huge financial burden on all health and welfare systems in the world. X-Pure® gelatins and collagens open the way for improved wound healing.

Avoiding prolonged inflammation by reducing endotoxin levels

One complication that often prevents normal wound healing is prolonged inflammation. Minimizing additional pro-inflammatory stimuli from endotoxins present in gelatin-based grafts and scaffolds could reduce the risk of this sustained inflammation.

Accelerating and improving wound care with X-Pure

X-Pure’s low-endotoxin gelatins and collagens are suitable for scaffold, graft and wound dressing applications demanding this low immunogenicity. Gelatin and collagen have also been found to be suitable for use in combination with other (bio)materials. Techniques such as crosslinking, among others, can enable precise tuning of the mechanical strength and microstructure (Nikkhah, et al., 2016).

Find out how X-Pure is contributing to parenteral formulation and hemostatics