Pure protein, full taste

Meeting your protein enrichment goals as a formulator nowadays is a tough challenge. With ProTake, a nutritional, porcine- or bovine- based protein source, you can add value to your food products in a simple way. A pure protein, ProTake can be used to reach high protein levels in products.

Innovating with ProTake

Together with Rousselot, many of our customers have developed successful products using ProTake.

Protein bars
In bars, ProTake is the perfect ingredient for increasing protein content, binding the different dry components and achieve a perfect, stable texture.

A wide range of possible applications  

  • Sports foods and beverages, such as bars or powder blends
  • Specific protein-enriched foods for the elderly 
  • ‘Healthy’ everyday platforms suitable for inclusion of gelatin, e.g. dairy products, cereal bars, meat replacements, soups, ready-to-eat products


ProTake is now available in porcine and bovine grades. This opens up new opportunities for the food industry.

Please ask your sales representative to know if ProTake is available for sales in your country.


  • ProTake is a hydrolyzed gelatin of porcine or bovine origin, containing 90% protein.  
  • With ProTake you can reach a higher total protein content than with any other single-source protein, due to its ease of formulation and excellent organoleptic properties.
  • ProTake is a high-quality protein source that is perfect for protein enrichment in protein blends. 
  • ProTake has a unique amino acid composition: it contains 18 different amino acids, including eight of the nine amino acids that are essential for the human body.
  • Clean label: ProTake is a food ingredient (no e-number) and is not subject to specific authorization and safety evaluation regulations. It can be incorporated in clean label products.
  • ProTake is easy to integrate, offers high solubility  and neutral organoleptic properties. 
  • ProTake fits all applications, from bars and beverage to soups, dairy applications, sports powders and more.

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