An irreplaceable dessert enhancer

Gelatin is an ingredient used in many kinds of desserts – not only by food manufacturers, but also in kitchens around the world. Its easy usability and wide range of functionalities open the door to fun, creative and perfect desserts. It is fast setting, while also adding to the brightness and transparency of desserts.

  • Water jellies: Bright, surprising desserts
    The solutions offered by Rousselot Functional Ingredients are widely used in water jellies. Their gelling and water-binding properties, combined with their ability to enhance brightness and transparency, make them ideal ingredients for creating bright, surprising jelly desserts.
  • Cake filling and coating
    You can create delicious desserts with gelatin-based cake filling and coating solutions. Gelatins are ideal ingredients for cake fillings and coatings because of their excellent foaming, coating and stabilizing properties.