The unrivalled advantages of gelatin in food

Gelatin and hydrolyzed gelatin (the non gelling form of gelatin) are widely used in the production of food. A natural, clean label ingredient, gelatin offers manufacturers in all food segments a unique and unrivalled set of functionalities and advantages. At Rousselot, we produce more kinds of gelatin than any other producer in the world. Whatever your application, we have developed the expertise to select the gelatin with the right set of functionalities to serve your purposes.

Why using Gelatin

Gelatin is a food ingredient from a natural origin. It is e-number free and clean label compatible; its neutral flavor and odor make it easy to use in many applications. A pure protein (collagen) it is a recognizable natural ingredient.

Rousselot’s gelatin and hydrolyzed gelatin are safe. They are multifunctional and allow to replace other ingredients considered as unhealthy and to achieve a healthier profile.
Carbohydrate and fat-free, Rousselot’s hydrolyzed gelatin can also be mixed with other proteins in order to achieve a ‘high in protein’ product positioning. It is a perfect ingredient for the nutrition market.

Gelatin: A natural, clean label and healthy ingredient

Highly efficient and easy in use

As a versatile ingredient, gelatin offers numerous important functionalities making it highly effective. Due to its multifunctional character it often replaces several mono functional ingredients in one application.

  • Excellent organoleptic properties; its neutral flavor and odor make it versatile in many application
  • Good solubility even at high concentration
  • Compatible with other ingredients for easy formulation
  • Offers rapid processing and a fast setting to optimize productivity

How to use gelatin in food

A unique, natural, pure protein, Rousselot’s gelatin offers more functionalities than any other ingredient; making it one of the most versatile and widely used products in food applications today.

What also makes gelatine unique is its thermo-reversible gelling power: a gelatine-based formulation gels when cooled and lique fies when subsequently heated. This transformation occurs rapidly and can be repeated without significant changes in characteristics. This is a very important property of gelatine and the key to a vast range of applications.

Gelatin: your multifunctional solution

Gelatin has numerous and varied uses

Which products contain gelatin

Gelatin and hydrolyzed gelatin are widely used in the production of foods, from confectionery or dairy products to desserts, meat and aspics. A natural, clean label ingredient, gelatin offers manufacturers in all food segments a unique and unrivalled set of functionalities and advantages.

Aerated and not aerated confectionery

As a mature market with stable growth, the confectionery sector continues to evolve, driven by an expanding global population, rising consumer spending and increasing urbanisation. From gummies and marshmallows to hard boiled and chewable candies, innovations, seasonal variants and line extensions are constantly in demand in this competitive market.

Dairy products

To create dairy foods that offer a desirable taste, texture and appearance, the most effective ingredients must be selected – and Rousselot gelatin is one of them. Used in a variety of mousse and yogurt applications, our gelatin delivers numerous functional advantages. From helping to prevent unsightly syneresis, improve foaming properties or stabilize aerated structures, you can create the perfect results, such as an easy-to-cut pastry bavarois, a yogurt with an indulgent texture and a perfectly aerated mousse.

Ideal to reduce fat content in dairy products : Given the enduring consumer trend for healthier options, we can also work with you to develop low fat and reduced sugar variants. Gelatine is a good candidate for texturizing, and enhancing mouthfeel in low- or reduced-fat product. 

Rousselot gelatins are ideall for a vast range of dairy applications including yogurt, Quark, Flavored gelled milk desserts, dessert creams, Ice creams and water ices, and mousses.


The bright water jelly dessert is a well-established category and a regular feature on menus in many regions around the world. Rousselot gelatin is widely relied on to deliver a wide range of functionalities to this popular application including superior gelling properties, fast setting finish, enhanced brightness and  improved transparency.

Given these sought-after advantages, our gelatin has enormous scope to enhance many different kinds of desserts and give the  perfect texture, mouthfeel, and appearance. Together with food professionals we can open the door to exciting co-innovations.

The experts at our Application Centers are eager to help you innovate or improve your processes with gelatin. For more information, go to Services & Support

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