Gelatina para cápsulas blandas

Elaborando para usted las cápsulas blandas perfectas

Las cápsulas blandas, también conocidas como geles blandos, son un mercado en crecimiento, pero producirlas supone un desafío. Para que la formulación sea correcta, garantizando al mismo tiempo la eficacia en la producción y una liberación óptima del IFA, es necesario conocer en profundidad el mercado de los geles blandos y el proceso de producción de las cápsulas. En Rousselot podemos brindarle el apoyo que necesita para triunfar.

Hygiene is vital in functional gummy production

In order to avoid cross-contamination during production, functional gummies require highly hygienic production conditions. Many manufacturers combine the use of pectin with clean production molds, however, these products miss the unmatched texture brought by gelatin. Our answer: SiMoGel.

Innovating dosage forms with starchless jelly production

With SiMoGel, the traditional starch moguls are replaced by silicone or teflon moguls, or blisters. This means you can produce jelly articles entirely without starch. The flexible molds can be cleaned and are free of bacteria and other types of pollution. This makes SiMoGel ideal for the production of functional gummies requiring the highest hygiene standards. 

SiMoGel makes the production of functional gelatin-based gummies easier than ever.

SiMoGel benefits:

Ensure unrivalled hygienic conditions

  • The absence of starch or recycled starch means the process is completely hygienic
  • The flexible molds can be cleaned and are free of bacteria and other types of pollution 


  • Innovative 3D or high-dimensional shapes
  • Double-layered colors in a single gummy
  • End products with perfect transparency, superior appearance, rapid and perfect flavor release

Speed up production 

  • Simogel-based gummies without starch depositing eed only a few hours to dry (unlike conventional gelatin-based gummies, which typically need to dry for +/- 24 hours – excluding demolding and starch preparation)

Optimize cost

  • No starch means no recycling
  • Lower energy consumption, less labor (cleaning)
  • No need for storage or gelling rooms before demolding
  • Starchless moguls are significantly cheaper than traditional starch moguls

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